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1 Day Package
Departing Thursday, August 19, 2021

Truly one of the most unique collection in the world at the FAMOUS ENDING MUSEUM, in Dover, OH. The largest museum of its kind in the world-unique items include documents from the deaths of Presidents, politicians, world leaders, artist, musicians, actors and sports heroes. One of the most fascinating tours you’ll ever experience. Depart with guide for AUMAN TV & RADIO MUSEUM. Hundreds of games, toys, comic books, and other related items pertaining to early television and radio. From 1930 the “Mechanical Era” to 1950 “The Golden Age”. A delicious lunch, along with an energetic and nostalgic performance of “The Many Faces of Old Glory” show is something really special. Following lunch and show there’s a 1900s town inside a 1915 building that formerly housed a Ford dealership and Herco Factory-23 storefronts where groups can stop by the Miskimen Hardware Store, the village newspaper, old time soda shop, town jail, repair shop, fire department, Clothing Store and the Sam Douglas Saloon. Living historical characters populate the village. Celebrate the 76th. anniversary with a visit to the last Salvation Army Canteen from WWII in the quaint village of Dennison OH. Learn how this village earned the name Dreamsville USA from over one million servicemen who passed through on their way to war. Glenn Miller even wrote a song about it! Visit restored rail cars filled with WWII era and local memorabilia. When you visit the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, you will be greeted in the lobby with a free hot cup of coffee and a cooking, in memory of all the soldiers who stopped there.

Tour Price:
$135.00 Per Person

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