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Safety on MYERS Coach Lines

Safety Travel Tips

Safety is Our First Concern

One passenger per seat. Passengers must remain seated throughout the trip. If it is necessary to move about the motor coach, you can prevent personal injury -- in case of sudden bumps, turns, or stops -- by holding onto the seat backs and/or grasping the handrails overhead on each side beneath the luggage storage compartments. Maintain 3-point contact when standing - 2 feet and 1 hand while moving the other hand, or 1 foot and 2 hands when moving the other foot. Be safe, not sorry.

Passengers should remain seated when the bus is in stop-and-go traffic, and especially when approaching the destination. Even at slow speeds, a sharp turn, bump, or need to stop can easily topple a standing person. Do not get out of your seat and prepare to exit until the motor coach comes to a complete stop and the operator has applied the brake and opened the door. The motor coach operator exits first, followed by the Group Leader or Escort in order to guide you and assist every passenger in exiting safely.

Common sense and company policy prohibit Passengers, Escorts, Guides, or other persons from positioning themselves beyond the white line in the driver’s area or step well. It is not safe for a person to be in this area and can interfere with the operator’s clear view and safe performance.

Interaction with your motor coach operator is encouraged but not when it could cause interference with his or her performance of the motor coach.

Use caution when boarding and exiting the motor coach, as the steps are steep. Pay particular attention during inclement weather when the steps could become wet and/or slippery as people walk on them.

Use of the restroom facility is for emergency purposes. We encourage you to use the periodic comfort stops during your trip. Typically, we stop every 2 to 4 hours.

We provide trash receptacles in every motor coach, along with extra bags that your operator can give you. Please do not litter the floor of the motor coach, as this can become a safety hazard for you or another passenger.

Once luggage is placed is the motor coach bays, it will not be accessible again until the trip’s destination, typically in the hotel room. Please pack necessities in a small carry-on bag. This includes such things as medications, glasses, tickets to events, and player’s cards for casinos and such. The driver is responsible for a count of the luggage upon arrival and departure, as well as the sorting at multiple pickup and drop-off locations. Passengers asking to access their luggage, or add or take away luggage en route, interfere with safety, not to mention the sorting procedure. Such actions may result in misplaced or lost luggage.

The following are prohibited on the motor coach:
Use of Illegal Substances
Alcohol, unless you notify the company and pay an alcohol deposit
We encourage twist top beverages over pull-tab or open containers to minimize or prevent spillage.

On overnight trips, the Group is responsible for reserving and paying for the driver’s accommodations.

The motor coach Company is not responsible for any articles left on the coach.

Gratuities for the driver are not mandatory, but are appreciated by those who make your trip a fun and safe experience.

Tipping Guidelines: Generally $1.00 to $2.00 per day per passenger.

Passenger Requirements:
For complete safety and well-being of all passengers, any person may be dismissed from any tour without refund at any time by our office, driver or escort if we feel his or her conduct is not in harmony with the rest of the passengers. Our drivers and tour escorts are not responsible for any passenger that may need extra special assistance. If you need any personal assistance when traveling you will be responsible for booking and paying for an assistant to travel with you as needed.

Please make certain that your Group is aware of these motor coach Travel Tips. They will help us to provide you with safe travel and a smooth-running experience for your Group.

GROUP LEADERS: We must have your itinerary 10 days prior to your trip in order to assist us in driver scheduling and compliance with Hours of Service, as regulated by the US Department of Transportation / Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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